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Think HD created the design and layout while building the website to utilize content management allowing the client to update the site with ease.

Client Description:

Mississippi Manufacturers Association was involved in a nationwide incentive to attract new members to the manufacturing workforce. The program, Dream !t Do !t, focuses on creating awareness among young people and those who influence their career decisions regarding the outstanding opportunities that exist in advanced manufacturing today. The program connects them with training, education and career information and tools to assist them in pursuing their dreams and ambitions.

Client Needs and Solutions:

The National Dream !t Do !t program offers a starter package of products that participating State programs can use to push their State’s manufacturing positions. MMA needed a more complete package that could showcase the full extent of Mississippi’s vast array of options for interested individuals.

Think HD utilized WordPress to allow for quick and painless content management of the site while allowing MMA to leverage the wealth and variety of plugins available for their needs. We were also able to incorporate a library of manufacturing videos created by Mississippi Public Broadcasting. Partnerships with MPB, Think HD‘s expertise, and a strong drive from MMA combined to deliver a strong product that can assist Mississippi’s economy and hopefully provide the type of applicants that manufacturers need.

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